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International Errands is specialized in sourcing and supply chain management.  We help our clients win their tender bids and realize their expansion goals . Our team of sourcing agents leave no stone unturned, even when time is pressing.


Finding what you need at the right price, not today but yesterday. Yes, we can; anywhere.


We help you compare sourced alternatives and advise you in the negotiation process.


We assist you in defining production milestones and KPI’s; key to a smooth transfer of the deliverables.


No mountain is too high, no load is too heavy. There always is a way to get from point A to B.

About us

International Errands Ltd. was established in 2009. We are passionate about creative approaches to research and the challenges of problem solving. Our communication skills are called upon, to facilitate the realization of international business opportunities our clients seek.


Who we are

With our head office in Sofia, Bulgaria and satellite office in Brussels, Belgium, we cover both Western and Eastern Europe. Additionally, we work with a specialized network of affiliated researchers, across the globe. We believe the best results are achieved by understanding local realities and adapting one’s modus operandi accordingly.

International Errands Ltd. was born in the event production sphere: a sector where time, cost and efficiency are always of the utmost importance. Throughout the years we have widened our scope, developing projects in the constructionrenewable energy, military & humanitarian sectors.

What we do

We help businesses find specific, goods or services. Our clients call upon us, for a number of reasons: the sourcing territory is unknown to them, the needs are very niche,  or simply because our expertise makes them save time and money. We help our customers bridge culturual and linguistic barriers, so they can more easily  tap into their desired market. Our buyer-seller matchmaking efforts facilitate the international trade deals, our clients seek. 

Our services are most often called upon for tender preparations, foreign construction projects needing local subcontractors, factory sourcing, overseas talent scouting, temporary supply chain management and transborder event prodction support. 

How we do it

We map your sourcing needs and their deadlines. Subsequently, we set up a task-force including local experts, conduct in-depth market research and compile a report, comparing relevant suppliers or partners, and their proposals. Research is done both on-site, and through our call-center, backed by customized sourcing software. Project-specific parameters are then identified allowing for optimal negotiation leverage. Upon selection of your partner, a procurement process is initiated.

The production process is then closely monitored, by measuring KPI’s and tracking milestones. We remain by your side, co-managing the supply chain of your purchased goods and services, until completion of the project. We work with excellent forwarders to get your goods to their destination, whether it be by sea, land or air. Our support often involves field-based presence by our project managers.

Why choose us

Our collaborators are trained and experienced in the areas of research, negotiaton and project management. We complete their intensive onboarding trainings, by adding on project specific courses, in order to maximize the comprehension of our client’s paradigm.

Our team members are stress-resistant and at ease in off-the-beaten-track areas. Additionally, our vast networks of “fixers”, enables us to shortcut learning processes and attain more cost-efficient results.

International Errands has always stuck by its conscious strategy of vertical growth. This has enabled us to safeguard our client-centered approach. As purebred service providers, we are only happy when you are.

Connecting the dots, since 2009

“Every project is a fascinating new challenge: the road from truly understanding the client’s desired product specs and onboarding the best-matching experts,  to the rewarding moment of delivery at the best possible price in the shortest possible amount of time; that’s what International Errands is all about” Tim Gubel, CEO

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