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International Errands is specialized in discovering the unfindable. Our team of sourcing agents leave no stone unturned, even when time is pressing.


Extremely rare professional profiles? (S)he is out there and on our radar.


Finding what you need at the right price, not today but yesterday. Yes, we can.


We help you compare sourced alternatives and advise you in the negotiation process.


No mountain is too high, no road too winding. There always is a way to get from point A to B.

About Us

International Errands Ltd. was established in 2009. We are passionate about creative approaches to research and the challenges of problem solving. Our communication skills are often called upon, to facilitate the realization of international business opportunities our clients seek.

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Who We Are

With our head office in Sofia, Bulgaria and satellite office in Brussels, Belgium we cover both Western and Eastern Europe. Besides these, we work with a network of freelancers, all across the globe. International Errands Ltd. was born in the event prodution sphere: a sector where time, cost and efficiency are always of the utmost importance.

What We Do

We map your needs and their deadline. Subsequently, all specialized agents are put on the job and a report is compiled with a selection of the relevant results. After that point International Errands can continue facilitating the communication between you and the selected provider, if desired.

Why Choose Us

We have always stuck by our conscious strategy of vertical growth. This has enabled us to safeguard our client-centered approach. As purebred service providers, we are only happy when you are.

Meet the Team

Meet our core team. Dynamic, experienced and passioned.


Tim Gubel

Founder / CEO


Gergana Semkova

Production Assistant


Florian Asenov

Junior Researcher


Maité Tas

Senior Researcher


Catherine Brodelet

Senior Researcher


... and a global network of capable freelancers

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